Tottington Woodlanders

We are a registered charity which manages an area of ancient woodland next to the village of Small Dole near Henfield in West Sussex.

Chris Steps Down as Chairman

After nine years Chris stepped down as Chairman of Tottington woodlanders at the AGM in May. Chris was recruited to the Woodlanders by our late Chairman, Ken Schrouder, in 1998.  He joined the committee after the following AGM and his wife Jo joined in the November.  Between them they organised, virtually singlehanded, the Heavy horse Day; one of our most ambitious projects.  To this day people Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak refer to that single event with fond memories. Chris became the Vice Chair in the early naughties and Chair in 2005.  He Cheap Burberry Scarf has safely steered the Woodlanders through the last nine Cheap Nike Shoes years.  Periodically recruitment and achieving sufficient volunteer numbers has been an issue for us with the shortfall frequently being made up by Chris, oftern accompanied by Jo. Chris is now stepping down and leaving the Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Sale Committee, but not leaving the woodlanders;  he cannot leave because we are making him a Life Member for services to the organisation.  He will continue to support us in our winter work, and I have no doubt he will attend our social events. There is no doubt that Chris will be missed and a hard act to follow; but he has done more than his fair share for the organisation and has rightly earned a rest from the committment.  As a token of appreciation for his huge contribution the Woodlanders presented him with a gift and some of his favourite Dark Star brew.  He ruefully commented that he would drink our health during the next few Committee Meetings he does not have to attend.

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