Tottington Woodlanders

We are a registered charity which manages an area of ancient woodland next to the village of Small Dole near Henfield in West Sussex.

We Are Working In The Wood Again.

We started our Winter Work Programme in the wood last Sunday (1st. November).  Our work party was split into two separate groups; one finishing the last of the coppice in , which we did not have time for last season, and the other working in Cant J, continuing the progression of the coppice towards the celebratory area. Golden Goose Superstar Outlet  Sadly we had to deconstruct the wonderful camp young people had built over the celebratory fire site.  It is equally sad that some of the wood they used in the structure was the cross rafters to the permanent shelter so they will have to be replaced!  We never mind Golden Goose Femme Pas Cher children enjoying the wood, but we would prefer that they cause no damage in the process.

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