Tottington Woodlanders

We are a registered charity which manages an area of ancient woodland next to the village of Small Dole near Henfield in West Sussex.

We Are Working In The Wood Again.


We started our Winter Work Programme in the wood last Sunday (1st. November).  Our work party was split into two separate groups; one finishing the last of the coppice in Cant B, which we did not have time for last season, and the other working in Cant J, continuing the progression of the coppice towards the celebratory area.  Sadly we had to deconstruct the wonderful camp young people had built over the celebratory fire site.  It is equally sad that some of the wood they used in the structure was the cross rafters to the permanent shelter so they will have to be replaced!  We never mind children enjoying the wood, but we would prefer that they cause no damage in the process.




On a more positive note we were joined by a young person who is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  and is using Tottington Woodlanders to complete the volunteering component of the scheme.  Our work in the wood is open to all who want to volunteer.  We do ask that children are suitably supervised by an adult.  Some people bring very small children into the wood just to see what we are doing and to talk to us.  Others have brought slightly older children and worked closely with them.  This is an ideal opportunity for parents to bond with their kids.

Our work will continue in Cant J until the New Year, when we will move to Cant C.  The area around the celebratory area is not very good quality and will produce mIMG_3259ainly stakes and wood for charcoal.  However, Cant C is prime coppice and should allow us to fill our orders for coppice products.  Our gardening market for beanpoles and Pea-Boughs should be easily covered by the plentiful straight rods available.  Of course we are dependant on the weather and maintaining volunteer numbers to make this a reality.

If you would like to join us on a Sunday and would like more details Contact Us.  We work in the wood (weather permitting) every Sunday morning until the clocks change (except 27th. December).  We usually begin about 09:30  and work through until we feel we have done enough.  Nobody should feel pressured to do more and all our volunteers are encouraged to rest when they need to.  Tools and training are provided, but we do ask volunteers to bring their own mug.  Even if you do not want to get involved, but would like more information about the organisation or our work please use the Contact Us page.

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