Tottington Woodlanders

We are a registered charity which manages an area of ancient woodland next to the village of Small Dole near Henfield in West Sussex.

Botanical Survey 2016

The botanical survey this year focused on just 2 areas.  The first area was in Cant C, which is the area Burberry Cashmere Scarf coppiced last Parajumpers Rea winter. The other area was in cant N, an area that has not Golden Goose Sneakers Outlet been coppiced since Tottington Woodlanders have been managing the wood, but it is hoped that this will come into the coppice cycle soon. In cant C, we recorded 60 specimens and in cant N, 51.

grassThe team undertaking the survey was led by Malcolm and planned to meet approximately monthly throughout the summer.  In practice, some of the proposed dates where postponed due to the rather wet start to the summer. The idea being, that as new species start to grow, we will gather as much data as possible. As an amateur group we still find identifying the grasses particularly difficult although I Cheap Nike Shoes do believe we are slowing improving. We can spend a lot of time with a 10x magnification lens looking at the most minute details on a specimen to make sure we have identified the correct species. Only if we are sure we are correct do we agree to add to the list of recordings. So I am sure there have been a few items overlooked.

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