After many months of being without a website we are back at last.  Our previous site was subject to a series of cyber attacks that left it virtually unusable.  Over the past year the site has been completely rebuilt.   The old site was many years’ old and simply not adequate to manage the current level of cyber attacks.

We hope you like the new site.  It has a more modern feel and contains all the important information you will need to understand who we are and what we do.  The layout is slightly different from the old site, but the drop-down menus at the top of the page remain virtually unchanged.  To avoid reintroducing a corrupt file the posts from the past few years have been deleted.  This is an unavoidable inconvenience, but should not have any significant impact as we move forward.

The site was never intended to be a blog.  We tend to post on an occasional basis.  We use our Facebook page to provide day-to-day information.  Our Facebook page can be found at Friends of Tottington Woodlanders .  

Posts on the site tend not to invite comment, as this simply increases the amount of spam which comes to us, but if you wish to make a comment on a particular post or want to contact us for any legitimate reason please use our Contact Us page.